Why Ethics Disrupted?

Now based in Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, Founder Pam Moorhouse was fortunate to make a Vision Trip to the Philippines in 2016. It was 5 days that would change her world forever. When Pam returned home it was not quite the Buddha under the Bodhi tree kind of realisationbut more of a what on f*** is going on here kind.

How was it possible that Ultra Poor Philippino people could have so little, yet still smile and laugh with their whole bodies? Conversely, she wondered how Australians have so much yemany are plagued by depression and constantly seeking more. Pam has had her share of first world problems with divorced parents, IVF, preterm birth, and a failed marriage, just to name a few. But this paled in comparison to the lives of those in the ultra-poor communities of the Philippines. How is it in our privileged society we can have it so wrong?

I questioned everything:

Why are we harming our planet with overuse and our obsession with consuming more?
Why don’t we stop eating meat (the biggest producer of CO2)?
Why don’t we stop using plastics?
Why don’t we stop spewing CO2 into the atmosphere?
Why do our major Australian supermarkets not offer more eco-friendly products?
Why do they package fruit and vegetables, something that comes from the earth, in plastics?
Why do they carry ‘degradable’ garbage products which don’t biodegrade but only break down into smaller pieces?
Why do our supermarkets still offer plastic products?
Why do Australians use over 1 billion disposable coffee cups every year?
Why don't we speak up for those who can't speak for themselves, those who have no voice?

We know these things are bad for our health, our planet and our home. So why are we so slow to change? 

Ultimately, Pam wondered why, in our privileged home of Australia, are we so slow to change and why has doing the right thing become so very complicated.

And so, Ethics Disrupted was born. A simple and convenient business for modern, busy Australians seeking to make their choices count, to benefit the greater good, and to feel great about doing their part. 

A simple explanation of why each product range is on offer and why a switch to that product is an ethical choice ensures customers are not left dazed by overwhelming and confusing statistics. 

The launch range focuses on replacing disposable plastics and includes trendy insulated water bottles, biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes, 100% biodegradable garbage and doggy bags, biodegradable shopping bags, recycled plastic mesh produce bags and ultra sleek glass coffee cups. 

Shopping with Ethics Disrupted customers know they are purchasing the best eco-friendly and ethical products, thinking globally but acting locally, making the world more equitable and sustainable and bringing about positive change. 

We invite you to join us on the journey to making more ethical choices, one step at a time.

Updated 14 Nov 2017

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  • Love it! Good stuff Pam!


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