PARTY PACK FOR 25 - Compostable Bagasse (Sugarcane Pulp) Plates

PARTY PACK FOR 25 - Compostable Bagasse (Sugarcane Pulp) Plates

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Product Specifications:

25 x 250 ML BOWL - (130 (length), 90 (width) & 35 (depth))
25 x 7" SNACK PLATE -(156 (length), 156 (width) & 20 (depth))
25 x 9" MEAL PLATE - (206 (length), 206 (width) & 20 (depth))
25 of each x wooden cutlery - knives, forks and spoons.
2 x 27 Litre Landfill Biodegradable Kitchen Garbage Bag


CHUK is 100% backyard compostable, 100% biodegradable and 0% plastic.

Why use Chuk? 

For a Healthy Family
No Plastics; No toxins
Microwaveable, Ovenable and Freezable
No aroma migration

For a Cleaner Planet
Backyard compostable
Locally sourced agri-waste raw material
Zero fossiel fuel used in production

For a Better Business
Modular design
Leak resistant lid
Lower inventory needs

Chuk range consists of a variety of products with a mixture of bowls, trays, multi compartments meal trays.

Just a small gift back to Mother Earth and our kids!