100% Landfill Biodegradable Doggy Bags Starter Box

100% Landfill Biodegradable Doggy Bags Starter Box

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1 Landfill Biodegradable Doggy Bags (8 mini rolls, 160 Bags) and 1 Canvas Mini Roll Dispenser.

Be proud to say your pup is doing their part for the environment. You know every bag:

  • Is 100% degradable in landfill 
  • Is 100% recyclable with other mainstream plastics
  • Will begin biodegrading only at time of disposal, not during use
  • Will biodegrade without oxygen
  • Has a typical plastic shelf life, years
  • Will biodegrade in commercial and municipal composts
  • Will not fragment into small pieces, potentially harmful to wildlife
  • Australian owned company.

Canvas Mini Roll Doggy Bag Dispenser to suit Landfill Biodegradable mini rolls.

Features include:

  • Velcro fixture and loop for easy attachment to lead, belt or bag
  • Pull through easy bag access
  • Holds one roll of 20 bags
  • Each bag is 100mm long x 60mm wide.

Available in blue or green.

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Plastic waste is accumulating year at a rate of about 300 million tonnes per year. Approximately 10% is recycled, resulting in a vast accumulation of plastic waste. 

Our plastics biodegrade down to an organic material when disposed to a microbe-rich environment such as a landfill or commercial compost facility. Our plastics are called ‘landfill biodegradable’. They can also be main-stream recycled. Either way, you are not leaving that plastic to last 100’s of years for future generations to deal with. 

Approximately 90% of plastic waste goes to a landfill.  This is where the product should be designed to biodegrade.

No one plastic type can solve all our disposable issues.  Avoidance and reusing are the best actions, but this is the next best thing!