Landfill Biodegradable Disposable Gloves x 100 (ex. GST)

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Disposable Nitrile gloves that are landfill-biodegradable.

Features include:

  • Nitrile rubber is more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids and has superior strength.
  • Nitrile gloves are more puncture-resistant than natural rubber gloves.
  • Nitrile rubber is also less likely to cause an allergic reaction than natural rubber.
  • Strong, but thin material
  • Greater comfort and tactile sensitivity
  • Allergen, latex, and powder-free to help reduce potential allergic reactions
  • Mould well with hands for a tight fit
  • No residue left on your hands
  • Safe for extended use
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • FDA Approved. 

Available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes.