More Joy Eco Cloths - 6 pack (SAVE $9)

More Joy Eco Cloths - 6 pack (SAVE $9)

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Made from Cellulose and Cotton

Reusable; Washable; Bio-degradable; Compostable

Made in Finland

Dimensions: 20cm x 17cm

MoreJoy provide a natural alternative to disposable paper towel and sponges. They are ideal for kitchen countertops, dishes, bathroom sink, and showers and can be used with water or teamed with a mild cleaner/dishwashing liquid.

These cloths are reusable, durable and strong and can hold up to 15 times their weight in water making them ideal for spills. Washable in the dishwasher or washing machine up to 50 times, they are very quick to dry and help to reduce waste from single-use paper towel.

Made from cellulose and cotton and printed with water-based inks, these cloths are plastic-free, earth loving, bio-degradable and compostable.

These dishcloths are just a small taste of the high quality, yet playful ecological design the Finnish are known for. They provide a sustainable alternative to disposable paper towel, microfiber cloths and towel and traditional sponges.

They help our family make a better choice for the environment while also enjoying beautiful Finnish design. We hope you love them as much as we do.