Solid State Colognes & Perfumes - 6 Scents

Solid State Colognes & Perfumes - 6 Scents

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Solid state is removing the unnecessary and hanging on to what's important by creating solid products for better living. Not only is this cologne amazingly delicious to smell, it's also ethical and sustainable.

Solid State colognes are durable, long wearing and convenient. 

Say goodbye to overpriced, water-based and unsustainable bottled colognes. 

Solid State is designed to be a men's grooming product. But ladies do not despair...the girls at ED prefer to think of these as Unisex. Psst...Our favourites are Wayfarer and Drifter!


Solid State products are up to ten times more concentrated than traditional grooming products, which means you'll get more use than a standard spray-on cologne at one-tenth of the size.


Slides straight into your coin pocket for on-the-fly use, whether it be at work, on a night out, or just on the run. Subtly re-apply to avoid overloading before you leave the house.


Solid state products contain a high % of natural, botanically derived ingredients including Beeswax, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil in conjunction with premium fragrance oils.


Solid State is proudly Australian made & owned and based in Melbourne.

From packaging to product, all of our Solid State raw materials are ethically sourced.

Please note: these products are not 100% vegan due to the inclusion of Beeswax, however, we are so impressed by these products as a sustainable alternative that we just had to have them available for you.

Solid State Colognes:

Drifter opens with a fresh blend of ginger and mandarine, before softening to a floral bouquet of rose and jasmine, spiced with carnation and supported by a warm base of sandalwood and cedarwood. A classic blend of warm and spicy notes designed to captivate.

Journeyman features a moss, wood base with elements of warm musk, set against top notes of vetiver, mandarin and spice. A versatile scent designed to take you from a morning workout to evening adventuring and everything in between.

Aviator is a striking blend of woody aromatics and crisp citrus. A hint of incense and spices makes this the ideal wear-anywhere blend for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Freshman opens with a rush of fresh Calabrian bergamot and citrus then gently fades to light, aquatic nuances mixed with hints of Jasmine petal, along with fresh rose and aromatic rosemary. A warm base of cedar and sharp spice notes maintain a masculine air.

Wayfarer has top notes of tobacco leaf, tonka bean, vanilla and cacao immaculately blended with a spicy fruit and wood base to provide a scent redolent of oak-panelled bars hidden behind unmarked doors in foreign cities. Notes of fruit and spices provide a comforting feel to this opulent, exotic scent.

Cruiser is a rebellious scent, evoking at once a sense of luxury with a contemporary edge. It opens with a blend of exotic citrus that develops into a spicy, floral bouquet of orange tree blossom, jasmine and ginger. The base of woody notes provides a masculine impression.


Castor, Seed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Tocopherol, Fragrance, Phenyl trimethicone